A Guide to Water Birds | BBC Radio 4 May – June 2009

Sunday 31 May – 28 June 2009
14.45 – 15.00

Brett Westwood is joined by keen birdwatcher, writer and broadcaster, Stephen Moss in this informative and entertaining series to help you identify many of the birds which are found or near freshwater, whilst wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson provides high quality of recordings of the calls and songs of the birds under discussion.
Recorded on location in Somerset, each week the series focuses on a different group of birds, namely waders of wet meadows, (like Lapwing and Redshank), Ducks (including Mallard and Teal), Warblers (like Grasshopper and Cetti’s warbler), Rails (including Water Rail and Spotted Crake) and the River Birds, (birds like Kingfisher, Dipper and Grey Wagtail). Not only is there advice on how to recognise the birds visually, but also how to identify them from their calls and songs .…. after all, its more likely that you will hear a bird first and than see it.

A Guide to Water Birds follows A Guide to Garden Birds (broadcast in 2007), and A Guide to Woodland Birds (broadcast in 2008)

Series details
1. A Guide to Water Birds : Waders of wet meadows
BBC Radio 4, Sun 31 May, 2009 14.45-15.00
2. A Guide to Water Birds : Ducks
BBC Radio 4, Sun 7 June, 2009 14.45-15.00
3. A Guide to Water Birds : Reed bed warblers
BBC Radio 4, Sun 14 June, 2009 14.45-15.00
4. A Guide to Water Birds : Rails
BBC Radio 4, Sun 21 June, 2009 14.45-15.00
5. A Guide to Water Birds : River Birds
BBC Radio 4, Sun 28 June, 2009 14.45-15.00

Producer Sarah Blunt