Shingle Street | BBC Radio 4 26th January 2010

NATURE: Shingle Street

BBC Radio 4, Tue 26 January at 11.02 (Rpt : Wed 27 January at 21.02)

An unusual and haunting sound portrait written and narrated by Paul Evans about the watchers and the watched on the shingle spit of Dungeness.

Dungeness is place to listen and to watch. It’s a place to watch new land being made by the sea’s shovelling of shingle; a place to watch the manufacture of power, a place to watch migrating birds and moths find a transitory refuge. But watching is about far more than just looking, as writer and naturalist Paul Evans reveals in this powerful and haunting sound portrait of one of Britain’s most unsettling landscapes; the shingle flats of Dungeness

Sound recordings by Chris Watson and Andrew Dawes
Producer Sarah Blunt