Skibbereen Arts Festival At The Ends of The Earth – in Conversation

Wednesday 28th July 2010 – 8:30pm – 10€ – Abbeystrewry Church

Skibbereen Arts Festival is delighted to see the return of sound recordist and artist Chris Watson to present a selection of audio recordings in the atmospheric Abbeystrewry Church.

As David Attenborough’s sound man, Chris Watson is frequently to be found in inhospitable parts of the globe, capturing the sound of monsoon downpours in tropical rainforests, or recording the sounds of activity inside termite mounds in the stifl ing deserts of Namibia. This year Watson has been in the North Pole and the Antarctic to record sounds for the television series ‘The Frozen Planet’.

For this special live event Chris will be in conversation with Presenter Luke Clancy and Producer Kevin Brew from RTÉ Radio 1’s Sound Stories programme, to discuss the sounds, silences and unique atmosphere that is to be found at both ends of the world.
“I was out in the midnight sun, standing on just two metres of frozen sea ice, 12 kilometres from land, with 750m of ocean beneath my feet, recording pods of killer whales surfacing to breathe in a narrow crack in the sea ice, just three metres away”. (Chris Watson)

More info can be read here