Issue #2 of Corridor8, an international contemporary visual art journal with a fresh and original mix of in-depth critical and literary writing, profiles and contemporary art. The second edition is the ‘Borderlands’ edition, Strange Weather, which investigates practice that takes as its starting point the remote, the endgame and life beyond the urban. This issue Corridor8 stretches its northern focus from the far-flung reaches of the UK and beyond and includes the North Midlands, North Scotland, Northern Europe and as far as the Arctic and back again via the Antarctica.

In this issue Elisa Oliver profiles Chris Watson’s creative history, including his work with Cabaret Voltaire, and interviews him from his base at the South Pole about his current work recording for the Attenborough BBC series, The Frozen Planet, to be screened in 2011.

A unique audio recording by Chris Watson, “The Sea Ice Border”, will be given away free with Issue #2 of Corridor8.

This CD will contain two tracks:
1. 89º 24′ N above
2. 89º 24′ N below

Also featured: Guest curator Axel Lapp brings us seven artists/groups to watch in the Conceptual North, Iain Sinclair’s transcribed audio journey Listening for the Corncrake, North Wales-based performance art duo, Heather and Ivan Morrison, Polar interventionist artist Neville Gabie and much more.

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