A Guide to Garden Wildlife | BBC Radio 4 8th July 2013

Brett Westwood presents a practical, informative and entertaining guide to help you identify the birds in your garden at this time of year.

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Monday 09.30am starting Monday 8 July
5 x 14mins

Brett Westwood is joined by naturalist Phil Gates in this informative and entertaining guide to some of our common garden wildlife. Recorded near Bristol, each programme focuses on a different garden habitat; log piles, ponds, hedgerows, trees and shrubs and finally stones. The series offers helpful advice on the appearance, behaviour and sounds of some of the typical species you’re likely to find, their value in the garden, and how to encourage them into your own garden.

The series features wildlife sound recordings by Chris Watson. Producer: Sarah Blunt

The Daily Telegraph (UK):

It’s a jungle out there! Among the bedding plants and hardy perennials of the domestic garden there seethes a busy host of little creatures. Presenter Brett Westwood and naturalist Phil Gates, accompanied by the peerless wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson, venture into a garden near Bristol to meet some of them. Who knew that the humble woodlouse or the froghopper larva (that little green thing that lives within the bubbles of cuckoo spit) could be so engaging? The soundtrack of garden birds is exquisite, and there’s a tremendous predatory flourish at the end. [Jane Shilling]