Surrey Moog Symposium | 3rd February 2018

The Surrey Moog Symposium 2018 will take place on 3rd Feb 2018 in PATS Studio 1 at the University of Surrey, Guildford. Surrey’s Department of Music and Media, in collaboration with the Moog Soundlab UK and Moog Music Inc. (USA) will present a day of performances and discussions celebrating the life and legacy of Dr Robert ‘Bob’ Moog and the lasting impact of his sound synthesisers.

The Symposium will feature live performances by Chris Watson, using modular sound processing systems and recordings of New York environments, Chris Carter will give his second live performance using his own new modular system, and one of the world’s leading authorities on electronic music, Thom Holmes will present the symposium’s keynote lecture “The Sound of Moog”.

Chris Watson’s performance will be supported by Finlay Shakespeare.

The symposium also marks the launch of the new Moog Recording Library record label, who release a series of new recordings on vinyl of work created with the Moog Soundlab UK over the past three years.

The Symposium will also feature a roundtable discussion Bob Moog and the “living machines”, and live demonstrations of the Moog Soundlab UK and new modular-synthesis developments by Finlay Shakespeare.

Only 200 tickets are available.

Details of all events and online tickets sales:

Surrey Moog Symposium 2018 PressRelease