NATURE Series | BBC Radio 4 June – July 2016

Close encounters and personal experiences in the Natural World

Wildlife sound recordist: Chris Watson
Producer Sarah Blunt

BBC Radio Wed 22 June, 9pm NATURE – The Joiker and the Echoes

Andé Somby is a Sami and a yoiker. When Andé invited sound recordist Chris Watson to record him yoiking near Kvalnes in the Lofoten Islands in Norway, Chris had no idea what an extraordinary and challenging experience this would be; not only to travel north of the Arctic Circle to record these ancient chants but also to gain an insight into the culture and beliefs of the Sami People.

BBC Radio Wed 29 June, 9pm NATURE – James and the Peregrines

An intimate and revealing audio diary recorded over a year by James Aldred following the lives of a pair of peregrines and the family they raise in a disused quarry near his home.

NATURE Wed 29 June, 9pm NATURE – The Rainforest Canopy

With a two metre wingspan, strong hooked beak and four inch talons, harpy eagles are one of the most powerful birds of prey in the world and have been known to attack people who get too close to their nests, so when wildlife cameraman John Aitchison agrees to spend a month on a tiny platform high up in rainforest canopy in Venezuela to try and film a young eagle chick hunting for the first time, it was with some intrepidation at what might lie ahead.

NATURE Wed 10 July, 9pm NATURE – Fen Raft Spider

Fen Raft Spiders as their name implies are water-loving spiders. Chris Watson gets up close and personal with these spiders when he tries to record their courtship behaviour as well as explore the extraordinary world of underwater sound in which these spiders live and hunt for food in the fenland ditches.